1945 Piper L4 Cub new to the EVW fleet


Beside our B-43 Piper L4 Cub form 1944, another Piper L4 Cub joins the EVW Fleet!!! She arrived last week at Hoogeveen Airport, from a long journey form Wisconsin , U.S.A. This L4 was build in 1945 and delivered in the same year to the U.S. Army Air Force. Within the USAAF she served as a training aircraft to train young pilots who wanted to serve their country.

Original features

This L4 was lovely restored a couple of years ago, and made its maden flight after restoration in 2005. There are some extraordinary features on this L4, such as the original antenna, which is mounted with a cable from the cockpit all over to the tail, that's typical for an L4 of that period, some other beautiful features can be found in the cockpit, such as its airworthiness certificate and many more. All in All a very nice restored L4 which is fully original, we even have all the original documentation from the factory till now!

L4 (in)formation

Beside this new L4 in the EVW fleet, we have also our other L4 from 1944, the B-43 (N29EG). The new twin will be a perfect couple! 

At the moment were assembling our new L4, after assembly she will be inspected before her first flight from her new homebase Hoogeveen Airport! We hope to create also with this old lady some nice memories while flying and preserving her!

Do you want to see her and her sister in action? Stay Tuned!!!