''There is flying and there is flying. And in between is maintenance''

Every aircraft in our fleet needs the perfect maintenance to perform at its best. Every 50 flying hours our aircraft are well inspected by our certified engineers and technicians. Also, an annual inspection will be performed on each of our aircraft. Maintenance means safety. Located at Hoogeveen Airport, we have the facilities to accommodate minor maintenance to the full restoration of our fleet. Our aircraft will be handled with the very best care.

Egmond Vintage Wings is closely working together with the EVW maintenance sited at Hoogeveen Airport. And performing only the maintenance of its fleet. The Egmond Vintage Wings technicians are all volunteers and are closely working together with the certified engineers of the EVW maintenance. They provides the entire certification of the entire Egmond Vintage Wings fleet.

With a wide crew of technical volunteers, young and old work together to keep these vintage aircraft alive. With the old teaching the young the skills to maintain these aircraft we preserve that also in future these aircraft stay up in the air. Our Knowledgeable engineers are capable of carrying out all manner of work to the highest standard possible. Backed up by our planning department and the EVW maintenance there is no element of aircraft maintenance we cannot undertake.