About us

We are Egmond Vintage Wings. We are an enthusiastic group of people, talents, aeroplanes and places, all striving to achieve one common goal: keep all these great vintage wings airworthy. The Egmond Vintage Wings organization keeps these wonderful aeroplanes operational and turns all of them into living history.

The Egmond Vintage Wings collection is a collection of privately owned aircraft of the van Egmond family and friends. The collection has a lot of variation. From warbirds to civil vintage aeroplanes. These machines are all privately owned. These privately owned aircraft are part of the Vintage Wings foundation, which has the right to use these aircraft. 

 Egmond Vintage Wings and its technical members maintain, repair and restore these aircraft in perfect condition. Egmond Vintage Wings organizes events such as EVW Historic Heroes, EVW-Fly-inn's, and other vintage aviation events. That is all with one common goal: Keep the vintage aeroplanes flying!

Supported closely by EVW Maintenance with its technical knowledge and experience. With our exclusive collection, we are based at Hoogeveen Airport. We will fly the beloved Fairchild PT26a, the operation Overlord survivor: the Piper L4 Cub, and much more beauties. Of our entire collection, the Fokker D.21 is the flagship. With its beauty and power, it is the most unique Dutch warbird around the entire globe. 

It would be our privilege to share these incredible experiences with you and to welcome you at Hoogeveen Airport.

Jack van Egmond

Founding father of Egmond Vintage Wings

''Dreams take flight''

As a little child, he dreamt of flying and soaring above the skies. Aeroplanes became his biggest passion. As a 14 year child, he bought himself the very first drawing of the Fokker D.21.

Jack's passion and desire resulted in a beautiful aviation career, the restoration of a Spitfire MK732 and flying it for 100 hours has been one of his biggest achievements. He has infected the entire family with a passion for vintage aviation, the aviation virus. He has prepared them for the future. Nowadays Jack has created a wonderful collection together with his family and friends.

The top of his career is of course his Fokker D.21, the aeroplane he dreamt of. And this dream is truly coming true!!

Jack is a man of passion, courage, and so much love for historical aviation. Thanks to Jack, Egmond Vintage Wings has been set up with only one goal: pass on his passion for vintage aviation to the next generation and keep these vintage wings up in the air!

"Don't believe you can't, believe in your dreams, cause it gives you the spirit to achieve anything, so keep dreaming, while dreams really can come true''