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Welcome to the official Egmond Vintage Wings website.

We are Egmond Vintage Wings. We are an enthusiastic group of people, talents, aeroplanes and places, all striving to achieve one common goal: keep all these great vintage wings airworthy. The Egmond Vintage Wings organization keeps these wonderful aeroplanes operational and turns all of them into living history.

Our collection

Our fleet of historic aeroplanes is quite exceptional, from primary trainers to the iconic Fokker D.21 fighter.

Fokker D.21 229

''Dutch Flying Legend''


News within Egmond Vintage Wings!

Updates on projects, flight operations, our fleet and many more subjects!


Operating vintage aircraft means flying them, but also maintaining and restoring them... 

Our technicians are the heroes who keep our beautiful collection up in the air! 

Flying to remember

The mission of Egmond Vintage Wings is to commemorate those who have fallen in service during the second world war. We realize that mission by flying memorial flights and flying airshows. 

Become a member!

We need you to keep these aeroplanes soaring above the clouds! You can be a part of Egmond Vintage Wings as a member or a donor. As a member of Egmond Vintage Wings, you are the one who keep the Fokker D.21 and the rest of our collection up in the air. 

For €85,- per year you can be an Egmond Vintage Wings member. 

For €60,- per year you can be an Egmond Vintage Wings donor.

Our members and donors get free entrance to all events organized by Egmond Vintage Wings and many more!!!


EVW Historic Heroes, Fly-ins, Fokker D.21 show, Airshows, Egmond Vintage Wings member events and more...

''The days you'll get the great feeling of vintage flying and engineering''

 All are organized by: Egmond Vintage Wings

In the field

''The trips we make to commemorate''

Our homebase

Hoogeveen Airport is the homebase of the Egmond Vintage Wings fleet.


''Hoogeveen Airport, home of nostalgic aviation''