'' The trips we made to commemorate''

L birds back to Normandy

''Flying the L4 to the place where her journey began''

Early June 6, 2019, our Piper L4 Cub (N29EG) flew to Normandy France from our home base Hoogeveen for the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Our 1944 L4 Cub actually flew 75 years ago on June 7, 1944 from Omaha beach for our freedom in Europe. An event was organized at St. Andre de l'Eure airport was a total of 75 of these types of aircraft came together. This is unique because it did not occur after the war. These aircraft flew to Normandy from all over Europe.

''It was a flight that took a long while, with a slow speed flying across Europe. The moment we flew over Omaha beach, the beach our L4 began her journey was very special.  Then you really realize what those young boys experienced in those times of war'' as Hans van Egmond said. 

Flugtage Soest 

Airshow at Bad Sassendorf Soest, Germany

It was a great Saturday! Warm summer weather made for a pleasing airshow day. And the flight program ran almost as planned. We flew with part of our fleet to Soest and had a great day, such as the visitors had. There was enough to see anyway: Uwe Wendt with his spectacular freestyle show + music! 

We look forward to the next airshow at Soest!

Flying Legends Airshow

Duxford 2018

In July, the mythical airfield of Duxford was once again prone to the passion of aerial "things" with the famous "Flying Legends". This major event within the world of aviation collectors was organized in cooperation between the Imperial War Museum at Duxford and the Fighter Collection both located at this so historical airfield.
Do we really have to underline that this weekend was a success? Yes for us it was also a great success!

We also spoke with the gentlemen of the hawker typhoon preservation group. what a great club and what a great mission they have. together we shared great experiences with the D.21 and their typhoon project

Duxford Airfield, the Walhalla of the vintage aviation sector!

For vintage aviation fans, it is really a must to visit!

Fly-Inn Zwartberg

Together with the Seagull Formation

During the Fly-In, many historical aircraft were on display, both on the ground and in the air, as two F-16s soars through the air on Sunday afternoon, and a T-28 Trojan, Pilatus PC-7 and PC-12. We flew to Zwartberg Together with the Seagull formation with their Focke Wulf Piaggio 149-D's

The Sea King helicopter, known from the series "Windkracht 10", could be admired and a Search & Rescue (SAR) demonstration of the Belgian Air Force gave also a wonderful display!

The trips we make to commemorate...  LEST WE FORGET