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- Donor -

As we want to keep these aeroplanes soar above the clouds. We need you! You can be a part of Egmond Vintage Wings as a donor. As a donor of Egmond Vintage Wings, you are the ones who keep the Fokker D.21 and the rest of our collection up in the air to donate each year to the Egmond Vintage Wings 60,- euro. So for 60,- euros per year you can be an Egmond Vintage Wings donor.

For all of our donors we organize Fly-ins, Egmond Vintage Wings member days, Open hangar days and many more events especially for our donors, all at our home base Hoogeveen Airport. Also, our donors will get each 3 months our newspaper, they will get a discount on all of our limited edition products.A Donor can also get discount for a trip with a warbird! We will give you that sense of flying through our engineering and flying expertise, you will experience a blur in the line between man and machine engulfed as they soar above the clouds and into living history.

Don't forget, as a donor of Egmond Vintage Wings you are the one who keeps these exclusive vintage wings up in the air!

Egmond Vintage Wings,

''The sense of vintage flying and engineering''

Beside the Donor we have some more variants such as the active member, student member and youth member. Do you want to have more information about this? contact us at :

Aviation Students & Egmond Vintage Wings

We're constantly on the lookout for practically-minded youngsters who thrive on a challenge. Whether you are looking for a change, studying some aviation or considering an apprenticeship in the aviation industry? For all aviation students, we offer free a place as a member of Egmond Vintage Wings during the time you are studying. After joining us, we'll look for what you can do for Egmond Vintage Wings to start and facilitate your career in aviation!

So if you are interested in vintage aviation,  want something special to be a part of and want to achieve something?

We'd like to hear from you!!

''The past is your lesson, the present is your gift, but the future is your motivation!''

Become an active member

Egmond Vintage Wings is an association run by enthusiastic volunteers who all strive for 1 common goal: keeping our aircraft airworthy, with that we keep history alive! That means we can't do anything without our volunteers. As a volunteer you're an active member at Egmond Vintage Wings. Together with all other volunteers you can support with the aircraft maintenance or with several restoration projects. Or help with other assignments within Egmond Vintage Wings. Our active members can also help with organizing EVW events, such as the annual EVW Historic Heroes. But all that work should also be rewarded. based on the activity, it is determined whether the volunteer is allowed to fly in one of our unique old-timers. On the basis of the activity and the commitment to the association, the volunteer can be faced with unique opportunities!

We look forward to welcoming you to our crew of volunteers! Together we can keep history alive!