Operating vintage aircraft means flying them, but also maintaining and restoring them... Our technicians are the heroes who keep our beautiful collection up in the air!

Egmond Vintage Wings operates a fleet of all unique aircraft that must be maintained with love. All aeroplanes are lovely restored to their old glory

Engineering at the best

Egmond Vintage Wings is closely working together with the EVW maintenance sited at Hoogeveen Airport. The Egmond Vintage Wings technicians are all volunteers and are closely working together with the certified engineers of the EVW maintenance. EVW maintenance provides the entire certification of the entire Egmond Vintage Wings fleet. 

Not simply a repair and maintenance shop, engineering is the heart of Egmond Vintage Wings where the aircraft come to be lovingly maintained, restored or repaired in airworthy condition by our engineering team. Changes in materials and legislation over the years are just some of the challenges that have to be overcome so that these aircraft don't become simply static exhibits but can continue to be seen flying.

With a wide crew of technical volunteers, young and old work together to keep these vintage aircraft alive. With the old teaching the young the skills to maintain and restore these aircraft we preserve that also in future these aircraft stay up in the air.  This is what we call the next generation of vintage aircraft technicians. Passing these skills over to the next generation is what is the most important for the future of these vintage aircraft

The Deltion College sited in Zwolle, its department of aviation maintenance plays a role in our group of young technical volunteers. Most of our young technicians are studying aviation maintenance at the Deltion College and are as a technical volunteers a part of Egmond Vintage Wings

Also more and more ladies young and old are joining the technical side of our organization. They do very much such as covering our aircraft with fabric etc. The ladies are very enthusiastic about working on these vintage aircraft and work closely together with the entire Egmond Vintage Wings crew

''Egmond Vintage Wings, The sense of vintage flying and engineering''

Are you practically minded?

We're constantly on the lookout for practically-minded engineers who thrive on a challenge. Whether you are looking for a change, studying aviation maintenance and considering an apprenticeship in the aviation industry? We offer a place for you on our team. 

For all aviation maintenance students, we offer free a place in our technical team and start your career!

So if you are interested in vintage aviation and want some more practical hours? Fill in the contact form below! 

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