en-1928 Command-Aire 3C3 new to the EVW fleet


Hot news for the fleet of EVW and also for the historical aviation in Holland!!! From upcoming April 2021 this vintage aircraft can be seen from Hoogeveen Airport as it will be part of the EVW fleet, an original Command-Aire 3C3 from 1929! 


Command-Aire started in 1926 as the Arkansas Aircraft Co. Inc. of Little Rock, Arkansas. Their 3C3 was one of the most pleasant and stable aircraft of the 1920's and developed out of a Heinkel (German aircraft manufacturer) design.

In the companies "hands off" flight demonstration, the fearless pilot would climb out of the cockpit and straddle the turtle deck like a horse while the aircraft cruised the skies, this proved a quite effective sales technique.

The 3C3 is similar in construction to most aircraft of the period and used a Curtiss OX-5 V8 (90 HP) engine. One of the notable features was the metal cowls, cockpit and turtle deck which made half the aircraft metal covered-not fabric covered. The aircraft is controlled by push-pull tubes and bell cranks, there were no wires, cables or pulleys. 

One year after Lindbergh's record flight, the number of aircraft manufacturing companies rose 300 percent. In 1928 over 180 manufacturers existed, of which only 109 were able to produce a single aircraft. In 1929 Command-Aire was one of the top manufacturers and was recognized for having one of only two designs to pass the Guggenheim Safety Trial, in which all existing aircraft designs were flown and judged for safety. Command-Aire despite all of its successes was unable to survive the post-depression era and closed their doors forever in 1931. The Waco Aircraft Corp took over some aircraft designs and slightly modified them. Some do say Waco types are a modified version of Command-Aire types.

Part of the EVW fleet

Beside our other unique vintage airplanes in our fleet, this Command-Aire will from now on be joining our EVW fleet. At the moment this beauty is still in America, at this moment we are arranging a container to transport her to the Netherlands, after arrival in the Netherlands she will be the only flying Command-Aire in Europe, and she will also be one of the oldest flying original oldtimers in the Dutch Historical Aviation. 

Once arrived, our volunteers will assemble her, after which a thorough inspection will be carried out to be able to fly this unique aircraft from Dutch soil for the first time!

The goal is of course also to preserve this unique piece of history and to take care of it with the utmost care, so that she can stay where she belongs for a long time, in the air!

Our Command-Aire is expected to arrive at its new home base, Hoogeveen Airport in upcoming April 2021.