en-Fokker D.21 certification process in state of its finishing touches


In the last few weeks and months large steps in the Fokker D.21's certification process has been made! Last December we received the Certification of Registration for our Fokker D.21, and now last week 2 inspectors of CAA NL inspected our D.21 to verify the documents and the entire process which we've run through. 


The two inspectors of the CAA NL which performed the inspection where very impressed with which kind of precision the D.21has been rebuilded, form te reverse engineering work, till the rebuilding itself. A month earlier the CAA NL already assigned the D.21 its Certificate of Registration. After the inspection, they announced that every aspect needed for assigning a Permit To Fly was approved. That means that the D.21 meets its technical requirements. So everything is technically approved. Now we are working on the finishing touches and the last remaining sheet metal work. But in short, at the moment there is nothing in the way that can hinder an assignment of a Permit To Fly. The inspectors of CAA NL are now working towards that moment, the assignment of the Permit To Fly, after which there is approval perform the required test flights, as last step in the Certification Process of our Fokker D.21. 

However, it is not yet known when the test flying will take place.

Last stage

The D.21 project is therefore in its last stage, more and more work is finished, and more aspects are certified. The upcoming Permit to Fly is one of the last stages of the certification process, that document is therefore a permission for the test flying sessions. After all test flying sessions are completed successfully a Certificate Of Airworthiness shall be assigned by the CAA NL. 

A moment which will write history......

Fokker D.21 229, the Dutch Flying Legend